Don’t be one of those people who eat lunch at their desk while simultaneously answering emails and phone calls. (We’re looking at you!) One of the most important things you can do to actually boost productivity at work is to take your full lunch break. Yes, that’s right. Giving your brain time to relax and a few key nutrients allows it to function at peak level. Since you now have some time to kill to get something to eat, let us tell you a few favorite spots to go. Go ahead and clock out!

Looking for Caffeine?

Small World Coffee

14 Witherspoon St, Princeton

Let’s start off by giving yourself a little afternoon jolt! This is our go-to for a good one, along with a good vibe. Lots of seating both indoors and outdoors so you can find a spot to be alone or sit with a group of friends. Trendy, but high quality drinks and quick bites to get you back to the office on time.

A white coffee cup on a white plate sits on a wooden table. The coffee has a design on top made from cream.

Looking to Clear Your Head?

Terra Libri Cafe at Princeton Public Library

65 Witherspoon St, Princeton

Very friendly staff along with a great selection of healthy food and beverages. The best part is getting a little quiet time in a place known for being quiet. Soups are made by the Mediterra Restaurant, a highly rated fine dining restaurant. Feel free to walk around the library after your meal if you have time. You might just find some new inspiration.

Looking for a Quick Bite?

Jammin’ Crepes

20 Nassau St, Princeton

Did you know that Guy Fieri stopped in here for a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives appearance? As he said, they don’t miss a beat in these crepes. Endless options that use sweet and savory ingredients sourced from local farms and suppliers. They’re delicious and filling so you can get back to work without your tummy drowning out your work calls. 

The women and men who own Jammin Crepes pose with the famous food critic and TV personality Guy Fieri.

Olives Deli & Bakery

22 Witherspoon St, Princeton

Incredible, clean food that gets you in and out the door quickly. Decent size portions so don’t go overboard with the side dishes. Not a lot of seating so it’s a perfect excuse to take some sandwiches and have a picnic outside.

A lunch wrap is being held up filled with lettuce, chicken, avocado and more.

Looking to Sit Down and Take Your Time?

Seasons 52

3535 Us Hwy 1, Princeton

Seasonal menu items that are all made with quality and fresh ingredients. Even simple items such as mac & cheese or pizza are made next-level. Vegans, there is a secret menu you can ask for if you’re looking for additional items.

Witherspoon Grill

52 Witherspoon St, Princeton

Exquisite fine dining that will surely take your mind off the office. On a beautiful day here you can dine outside in the town square. This one is definitely for the meat and seafood lovers.

Seasoned shrimp sit on top of a crustini surrounded by oil and herbs

Looking for something sweet?

Sweetberry Bowls

301 N Harrison St, Princeton

A hearty lunch that’s packed into a sweeter, prettier package than the average sandwich. You can leave feeling great too because if it’s nutrients you’re looking for, you can expect a lot of them here. Fresh ingredients and free WiFi just in case you want to work a little after you scarf down your lunch. Every aspect of this experience is also very “Instagramable” if you’re looking into updating your ‘gram.

Many bowls filled with different kinds of colorful fruit and smoothies



Still hungry?  Here are the top 6 desserts you need to try in Mercer. We promise it’ll take away any work-related stress and help cool you off from the summer heat at the same time.

ice cream cone with sprinkles