There are only a few things more satisfying than a delightfully delicious dessert. But if you’re going to get something sweet, why not do it right? We’re exploring Mercer’s top desserts that everyone is raving about.

You might as well get those stretchy pants out now because you’re going to want to try these:

The Bent Spoon

35 Palmer Square W


Not just vanilla or chocolate. This is artisan ice cream, as in ice cream that seems to be made by the artists of your dreams. Their new summer flavor? Strawberry earl grey. Local, organic strawberries paired with organic earl grey tea. The combination will wow you. They also have vegan ice cream flavors available that are just as sweet.

Bent spoon purple ice cream cone


Cafe Du Pain

2495 Brunswick Pike, Unit 12


Not all pastries need to be sweet. Some are savory, like Cafe Du Pain’s Pate Lacaye. It’s a flaky puff pastry filled with seasoned beef, chicken or vegetables. Lunch + dessert = amazing.

Cafe Du Pain


The Gingered Peach

2 Gordon Ave


It’ll be hard to find a pastry you won’t like here, but since we’re talking about the Gingered Peach, we’re recommending the peach pie. It has fruit in it so it’s healthy, right?

Peach pie by the Gingered Peach


Thomas Sweets

29 Palmer Square W


A local favorite for having incredible blend-ins and handmade chocolates. The problem lies in what flavors to choose and when to come back!

We fell in love with this chocolate chip ice cream with cookie dough bits inside a waffle cone. It was a serious winner for our sweet tooth. If you're feeling adventurous, try the warm cookie with ice cream in a cup! 

Thomas Sweets ice cream cookie dough


Wildflour Bakery

2691 Main Street


100% gluten-free. 100% delicious. You won't miss the gluten as the textures and flavors are spot on. Any of the desserts are amazing, but for starters, we’ll take plenty of these almond butter cheesecake tartlets!

Wildflour min pies


Sweetberry Bowls

301 N Harrison St


Hey, why not end on a healthy note? And healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor or fun. These acai-based bowls are customizable and oh so sweet. A great choice for vegan or vegetarian sweets.

Sweetberry bowl with strawberry and kiwi


Want to check out more of Mercer’s fabulous food spots? See our Dining Out By Budget guide here for a full list of favorites that you can enjoy, no matter how much you want to spend!