Taking walks, riding bikes and going for a run can help kick things off, but if you’re really missing the early morning gym sessions or your regular fitness classes, we’re grateful that many local studios are now offering them online. And for those of you who are just looking for something to do, now’s the time to fit in a workout. It’ll keep your energy levels up throughout the day, and your spirit boosted.


Check out the digital classes below, which are easily accessible from your home and social-distancing approved. A special thank you to our community for adapting quickly to these unprecedented changes and coming together to support each other in different ways.


Burn Boot Camp


Daily challenges, diet tips, contests for free gear and, of course, free classes on their Facebook page. If you’re looking to burn off some of those extra baked goods we’ve all been making, try this one. You can even include your kids for an added challenge (on several levels!).

A smiling woman doing squats while holing her child in her arms

Photo via https://www.instagram.com/burnbootcamp/




Yoga is a mind-body practice that can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and decrease anxiety. I think we all need that right now, right? YogaStream is offering all classes online… yes ALL of their classes are online right now through Zoom. Just head to their website and sign up for a class. This can be done even 5 minutes before it starts and can be completed with a free Zoom account. Nama-stayathome.

A woman doing yoga outside on a path

Photo via https://www.facebook.com/YogaStream/


Pure Barre Princeton


Pure Barre is a total body workout with low-impact/high-intensity movements that improve strength and flexibility. And lucky for us they’re offering an unlimited amount of pure barre workouts for $25 a week! Everything is streamed live and you only need 2 cans or water bottles for weights. Get a group of friends to join in at their homes so you can challenge each other every week, and you’ll all be ready for that warm weather coming our way.

A smiling woman wearing a pure barre tank top

Photo via https://www.instagram.com/purebarreprinceton/


Orange Theory Fitness


You ready? These are high intensity workouts. And Orange Theory is uploading free home workouts daily that are led by one of their coaches to help you keep living a healthier life. You know, like breaking up that Netflix schedule for a bit and adding some energy into your day.

A man posing in an orange theory tshirt

Photo via https://www.instagram.com/otfseaford/


Crunch Fitness


If you’re really craving the gym, this is the next best thing. Online workouts fit for your level and schedule. If you’re already a Crunch member, this is included in your membership. If not, you can do a free trial for 45 days. They offer over 85 online workouts inspired by their most popular classes, such as total body bootcamp, dance cardio, pilates, barre, and more. They're also led by Crunch's top instructors and feature real members. Bonus: they also offer Facebook Live and Instagram Live workouts.

Bearded man working out at Crunch Fitness

Photo via https://www.instagram.com/crunchgym/



Not quite ready for a full workout? Start with a walk or a short run. This is perfect for families who have kids craving fresh air. Check out our guide for socially distancing-approved hiking and walk paths here.