Let’s go to the mall - Quaker Bridge Mall! With spring around the corner what better way to freshen up your style than a trip to Mercer’s premier shopping center, which boasts over 90 stores and caters to every budget. Seriously. Just forget about the snow and the cold, and enjoy a hot cappuccino in the temperature controlled lounge at Lord & Taylor’s. Or anywhere else in Quaker Bridge. Most of the fun is simply in the experience.We’re listing a few favorites below, but for a full list of stores click the link here.

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The Cheesecake Factory

Do you like cheesecake? Do you like a lot of variety? A lot of varieties of cheesecake? Then this is perfect for you. But don’t just limit yourself to dessert. They have over 200 menu items to choose from that are made from scratch each day. You won’t be able to find something you don’t like.

Cheesecake Factory

30 Burgers

It’s called 30 burgers because there are 30 different kinds to choose from. Yes, another favorite for those who like a variety of options! Fresh, grilled Angus beef burgers with unique, delicious flavors. They also source their ingredients from farmers who work hard planting vegetables in healthy soil and raise animals that are allowed to roam free.


We know it’s winter, but it’s still a good time to grab some ice cream. When is there not a good time… When we really want to indulge though, we choose Haagen-Dazs. Distinctive flavors that you can always work off by walking around the mall.

Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts

We know you know Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts. We’re listing them here so you know they’re available during any caffeine emergencies.




Modern American luxury throughout their handbags, shoes, accessories and clothing. You’ll feel sophisticated just being there.


Michael Kors

Award winning designer that turns everything he touches to glamorous. I’ll take one of everything, please!

Sephora/Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Pamper yourself with every makeup, skincare, haircare and perfume you could think of. For those you want fresh, handmade and organic alternatives try Lush!

Lush Cosmetics


One of the world’s leading fashion retailers with new items arriving daily. And you don’t need to sacrifice your wallet here to look amazing. They have lines for men and kids too!



Champ’s Sports

One of the largest specialty athletic footwear and apparel retailers in North America. Love to be active? You can spend hours in here.


Comfort with style that designers seek out from around the world. For a man who doesn’t know what shoes to choose from, just come here and you can’t go wrong.


A fun one for the sports enthusiast. Offers every hat you can think of for college, MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL teams.




Old Navy

Fashionable, fun and affordable! You can shop here for the whole family, but we especially love the styles for kids.
Old Navy kids


Offering fun, popular brands for teen shoes, with some unique specialty items in apparel and accessories as well.


We all wish we could be in California right now. But when we can’t, we can go to PacSun and pretend. All the apparel, accessories and shoes that are inspired by that California living.




We’re adding Apple here not for just their stellar gadgets, but because they have Health & Fitness Walks throughout the week. Join celebrity fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins and Apple’s Jay Blahnik to see how to make a big impact to your fitness. Yes, please!

Jeanette Jenkins