Spring is here! With the weather warming up, the blooms starting to open, and Earth Day coming around the corner, we’re looking to connect back with nature in a big way. We have ready some new and inspiring ways to love our planet, for both kids and adults. So get your sunglasses out and see below to check them all out.

Mercer County Park Nature Programs


Not just your average walk around the park. These are kayak tours, owl walks, beaver and twilight hikes, and more. The park commission offers a wide variety of nature activities to explore our wonderful and beautiful county.

A bird perched on a hand in a field near Princeton, NJ

Photo via https://www.instagram.com/mercercoparks/


Detective Tully Mystery Trails for Kids


Detective Tully the Turtle, has overheard conversations about the Mercer County Park

Commission’s trailside treasures. He needs the help of some nature-obsessed kids to discover the locations of the ‘treasures.’ If you have kids who love mystery maps and finding clues, then this is right up their alley. They have mystery trails all over Mercer County.

kids enjoying an outdoor activity with bug nets

Photo via https://www.instagram.com/mercercoparks/


Abbott Marshlands


The Abbott Marshlands are a unique freshwater tidal marshlands system; home to many different types of birds, animals, and plants. There are many different ways to explore the marshlands in Mercer, or you can join their team to help with their yearly clean-up this spring.

The Abbott Marshlands near Princeton, NJ

Photo via https://www.instagram.com/abbottmarshlands/


D&R Greenway Land Trust TravelStorys


D&R Greenway has a free TravelStorys app that uses your location to share locally sourced audio guides. Drive, walk, bike or paddle along a tour route and hear stories about history, wildlife, culture, and more. Start at your own pace and let technology bring you to a new world. Literally.

A group of people walking a path in the D&R greenway trust site near Princeton, NJ.

Photo via https://www.instagram.com/dr_greenway/


Princeton Battlefield Society


Did you know you can take tours of the Princeton Battlefield? Reserve a weekend tour and learn about the Battle of Princeton on the field itself with the park’s historical educator.

Princeton Battlefield on a sunny day

Photo via https://www.instagram.com/pbs1777/