Princeton Pi Day & Einstein Birthday Party

Einstein was born on March 14th – 3.14 – the numeric equivalent of Pi! Every year the town of Princeton celebrates Pi Day by hosting an irrational number of events around Palmer Square. Join in the fun on Wednesday March 11th at 7:30pm, Friday March 13th at 7:30pm, Saturday, March 14th from 9:00am – 5:00pm, and Monday March 16th at 6:30pm to commemorate our most beloved Princeton genius!

There will be Pie Eating, Pie Judging, Pie Throwing, Pi Recitation, Pizza Pie and Cupcake Decorating Contests! (Nearly all events are free but purchasing a VIP pass guarantees seating and participation to the main Pi Day Princeton events!)

  • Einstein Look A Like and Pi Recitation Winners receive $314.15!
  • Pizza Pie Contest winner receives free pizza for a year!
  • Cupcake Contest winner gets free cupcakes for a year!
  • Best Apple Pie professional chef gets bragging rights for a year!

Wednesday March 11th, Friday March 13th, Saturday, March 14th, and Monday March 16th

For a full listing of events and information to compete, please visit HERE



Want to know more about Albert Einstein? Check out a hidden museum in the back of the Landau's store on Nassau Street!