Trenton Thunder 2022 Season Schedule

The 2022 Trenton Thunder schedule is finally released. Start saving the dates for fun family events like Fireworks Shows, Dollar Dog Tuesdays and Baseball Bingo Wednesdays at Arm & Hammer Park. Schedule fun group outings today, grab some dollar dogs and come out and support the team! 


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June 2021

Date Away Team Start Time
Tuesday, June 1st Syracuse Mets 7PM
Wednesday, June 2nd Syracuse Mets 7PM
Thursday, June 3rd Syracuse Mets 7PM
Friday, June 4th Syracuse Mets 7PM
Saturday, June 5th Syracuse Mets 6:30PM
Sunday, June 6th Syracuse Mets 1:00PM
Tuesday, June 8th Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders 7PM
Wednesday, June 9th Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders 7PM
Thursday, June 10th Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders 7PM
Friday, June 11th Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders 7PM
Saturday, June 12th Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders 6:30PM
Sunday, June 13th Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders 1:00PM
Tuesday, June 29th Lehigh Valley Ironpigs 7PM
Thursday, June 30th Lehigh Valley Ironpigs 7PM


July 2021

Date Away Team Start Time
Thursday, July 1st Lehigh Valley Ironpigs 7PM
Friday, July 2nd Lehigh Valley Ironpigs 7PM
Saturday, July 3rd Lehigh Valley Ironpigs 6:30PM
Sunday, July 4th Lehigh Valley Ironpigs 6:30PM
Tuesday, July 13th Lehigh Valley Ironpigs 7PM
Wednesday, July 14th Lehigh Valley Ironpigs 7PM
Thursday, July 15th Lehigh Valley Ironpigs 7PM
Friday, July 16th Lehigh Valley Ironpigs 7PM
Saturday, July 17th Lehigh Valley Ironpigs 6:30PM
Sunday, July 18th Lehigh Valley Ironpigs 1:00PM
Tuesday, July 20th Syracuse Mets 7PM
Wednesday, July 21st Syracuse Mets 7PM
Thursday, July 22nd Syracuse Mets 7PM
Friday, July 23rd Syracuse Mets 7PM
Saturday, July 24th Syracuse Mets 6:30PM
Sunday, July 25th Syracuse Mets 1:00PM


August 2021

Date Away Team Start Time
Tuesday, August 10th Rochester Red Wings 7PM
Wednesday, August 11th Rochester Red Wings 7PM
Thursday, August 12th Rochester Red Wings 7PM
Friday, August 13th Rochester Red Wings 7PM
Saturday, August 14th Rochester Red Wings 6:30PM
Sunday, August 15th Rochester Red Wings 1:00PM
Tuesday, August 24th Worcester Red Socks 7PM
Wednesday, August 25th Worcester Red Socks 7PM
Thursday, August 26th Worcester Red Socks 7PM
Friday, August 27th Worcester Red Socks 7PM
Saturday, August 28th Worcester Red Socks 6:30PM
Sunday, August 29th Worcester Red Socks 1:00PM


September 2021

Date Away Team Start Time
Tuesday, September 7th Syracuse Mets 7PM
Wednesday, September 8th Syracuse Mets 7PM
Thursday, September 9th Syracuse Mets 7PM
Friday, September 10th Syracuse Mets 7PM
Saturday, September 11th Syracuse Mets 6:30PM
Sunday, September 12th Syracuse Mets 1:00PM


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