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  • Sunday, November 7 (Encore Screening) Who Will Start Another Fire is a collection of nine films by emerging filmmakers from underrepresented communities around the world, presented by the new distribution initiative Dedza Films. Each of these stories is personal and distinctly told, but unified by themes of rebirth and growth. The November 2 screening includes a post-film virtual Q&A featuring directors Jermaine Manigault (Not Black Enough), Emily Packer (By Way of Canarsie), & Lesley Steele (By Way of Canarsie). Dedza Films is a distribution initiative dedicated to curating and facilitating the distribution of films from the next wave with a focus on underrepresented communities and early works of emerging storytellers. Dedza aims to treat these stories in a way that is often reserved for features and help filmmakers who were impacted by COVID-19, which affected festival and release plans. Their mission is to curate, community build, and partner with other initiatives and organizations focusing on changing the landscape. The nine films presented include: Like Flying 15 Minutes / USA / 2020 Directed by Peier Tracy Shen A young Chinese-American girl navigates her childhood through her parents’ broken relationship. Family Tree 17 Minutes / Uganda / 2020 Directed by Nicole Amani Magabo Kiggundu We meet Nagawa, an 8 year old, whose day is almost like any other. When her mother Margaret picks up Nagawa from school, she doesn’t have the heart to tell her daughter that her beloved father has been in a terrible accident. Troublemaker 11 Minutes / Nigeria / 2019 Directed by Olive Nwosu Obi is hot, bored, and desperate for something to do. When his best friend, Emeka, gives him a packet of firecrackers, the boys decide to have some fun. Polygraph 20 Minutes / Israel / 2020 Directed by Samira Saraya Based on a true story, Yasmine, an openly lesbian Arab nurse living in Tel Aviv, finds out that her lover Or, an intelligence officer in the Israeli army, has been reporting on their relationship. The Lights Are On, No One’s Home 10 Minutes / USA / 2020 Directed by Faye Ruiz Mar, a trans woman who left home years ago, returns to her old neighborhood to find her childhood home. Upon her return, she’s confronted with the changes that gentrification has brought to the place she once knew so well. By Way of Canarsie 14 Minutes / USA / 2020 Directed by Lesley Steele & Emily Packer A wandering portrait of an oft-neglected shoreline community, By Way of Canarsie imagines possible futures at odds with a peaceful present. The Rose of Manila 12 Minutes / Philippines / 2020 Directed by Alex Westfall An imagining of the formative years of Imelda Marcos, who, as one half of the Marcos regime, would become infamous for embezzling billions from the country to sustain her extravagant lifestyle. Slip 11 Minutes / USA / 2019 Directed by Nicole Otero A woman arrives home at the end of a regular day, but as she begins to turn in for the night, she is overcome with a sense of restlessness. Not Black Enough 19 Minutes / USA / 2020 Directed by Jermaine Manigault A young African-American man struggling to find his identity within his community meets a persuasive relic of the past.

The Art of Living Well: "Who Will Start Another Fire"