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  • As the seasons transition, this four-part series will guide you into an elemental & Ayurvedic understanding of each season. These experiential workshops will include discussions, yoga, meditation, and a special activity; specifically curated to balance for the season. Join us as we wake up our bodies for some internal spring cleaning, moving and twisting to clear out stagnant winter energy. Enjoy a walk through the grounds, yoga, meditation, and conversation on balancing for spring. End with a tasting of a revitalizing smoothie! All levels of experience are welcome. Instructor: Haylee Warner Haylee Warner, RYT is a movement and meditation instructor, corporate wellness provider and an Ayurveda Holistic Health Counselor in Philadelphia. She focuses on the anatomical aspects of movement and blends her experience of dance, gyrokinesis, and yoga in each class. She enjoys guiding people to become further in touch with their bodies, emotions and patterns to be able to understand themselves better and therefore guide themselves into better health. Fee includes admission to GFS the day of the workshop.

Moving Through the Seasons: Spring Detox