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  • When asked “What’s your favorite instrument to hear in a classical music recital?” most people’s default response probably wouldn’t be “the clarinet.” That is, until they’ve heard the sweeping sounds of Swedish clarinetist Martin Fröst. This is a performer who truly transcends his instrument and makes music that simply feels alive. From his riveting on-stage presence (he’s been known to dress up like a bird in concert) to his inventive approach to programming, if anyone is going to convert you to the clarinet, it’s Fröst. For his Princeton University Concerts debut (and one of only two U.S. recitals this season), he’s joined by fellow Swede Henrik Måwe for a sumptuous spread of Brahms, Poulenc, and Vivaldi/Telemann arrangements.

Martin Fröst, Clarinet & Henrik Mawe, Piano
  • December 13, 2018 to December 13, 2018
  • Richardson Auditorium, Alexander Hall
  • $25-$55, general / $10 student