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There are so many things to see and do in the Princeton area.  Check out our calendar of events below.  If you're looking for a place to stay while in Princeton, check out our great hotels.  We also have a variety of wonderful restaurants and things to do.  There are also a few great annual events in the Princeton area.  Enjoy your visit with us!


07/24/2016 - 07/30/2016

Ongoing Events

Exhibition: "Charles & Anne Morrow Lindbergh: Couple of an Age"

  • Date(s): 11/13/2015 - 10/23/2016
  • Recurring daily
  • Times: Wednesdays through Sundays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Location: Morven Museum & Garden | 55 Stockton Street, Princeton, NJ
  • Phone: (609) 924-8144
  • Admission: $10
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Spanning the 20th century, the exhibition is the first to explore the Lindberghs as a couple, examining Charles and Anne as complicated and imperfect American icons.

Spring onto the Scene with Barbour!

  • Date(s): 02/15/2016 - 08/31/2016
  • Recurring daily
  • Location: 67 Palmer Square West, Princeton, NJ
  • Admission: Free
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Spring and Summer are fast approaching; embrace the warmer weather with Barbour’s new Spring/Summer 2016 collection! This collection encompasses a wide selection of garments and accessories, from light jackets designed for biking across the desert to cashmere cable knits and casual daywear. This diverse arrangement of clothing is now available at your local Barbour Princeton store. For more information, visit

American Pickers to film in New Jersey

  • Date(s): 06/21/2016 - 09/30/2016
  • Recurring daily
  • Phone: 1-855-OLD-RUST
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Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and their team are excited to return to New Jersey! They plan to film episodes of the hit series, AMERICAN PICKERS, throughout the region this summer.

 AMERICAN PICKERS is a documentary series that explores the fascinating world of antique ‘picking’ on History. The hit show follows Mike and Frank, two of the most skilled pickers in the business, as they hunt for America’s most valuable antiques. They are always excited to find sizeable, unique collections and learn the interesting stories behind them.

As they hit the back roads from coast to coast, Mike and Frank are on a mission to recycle and rescue forgotten relics. Along the way, the Pickers want to meet characters with remarkable and exceptional items. The pair hopes to give historically significant objects a new lease on life, while learning a thing or two about America’s past along the way.

 Mike and Frank have seen a lot of rusty gold over the years and are always looking to discover something they’ve never seen before. They are ready to find extraordinary items and hear fascinating tales about them. AMERICAN PICKERS is looking for leads and would love to explore your hidden treasure. If you or someone you know has a large, private collection or accumulation of antiques that the Pickers can spend the better part of the day looking through, send us your name, phone number, location and description of the collection with photos to: or call 855-old-rust

5 Star Shameless Name Dropping Walking Tour

  • Date(s): 07/02/2016 - 08/27/2016
  • Recurring weekly on Saturday
  • Times: 4:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Location: Saturday tours begin at 116 Nassau Street at the Princeton U-Store, Princeton, New Jersey
  • Contact: Princeton Tour Company
  • Phone: (855) 743-1415
  • Admission: $25 per Adult; $20 per 12 yr and under
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Learn about the famous students and residents that help to make Princeton the most treasured Ivy League town in America. On this scenic 3 mile stroll, you'll see all the essential sites and learn the broadest information regarding the campus and the surrounding neighborhoods! $25 Per Adult; $20 for 12 yrs and under 3 mile walk - 2 hour leisurely paced walk Guests will learn the broadest information of the amazing chronological history of our town and gown as they see the homes and office buildings of Princeton's most notable characters including James Madison, Aaron Burr Jr., Albert Einstein, TS Eliot, F Scott Fitzgerald, Woodrow Wilson, Grover Cleveland, Paul Robeson, JFK, Adlai Stevenson, Brooke Shields, David Duchovney and more!

Museum Exhibition | Surfaces Seen and Unseen: African Art at Princeton

  • Date(s): 07/02/2016 - 10/09/2016
  • Recurring daily
  • Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Thursday, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, and Sunday 1:00 to 5:00 pm Closed Mondays, Thanksgiving Day, December 25, January 1, July 4
  • Location: Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton, NJ
  • Phone: (609) 258-3788
  • Admission: FREE
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Surfaces Seen and Unseen: African Art at Princeton examines how ornamental and ritual additions to the evolving surfaces of African sculptures alter an object’s appearance and power over the course of its lifetime. The exhibition also showcases the Museum’s growing African collection and loans from private collections. African artists tended to define the underlying form of a work but over many years, a range of users or ritual experts could intervene to renew its surface. In some examples, substances such as earth, oils, or grains applied to a sculpture during ritual offerings activated the form for power or healing and, in the process, transformed the object’s patina. Other objects were empowered over time as ritual experts attached materials, including feathers, fabrics, and mirrors. Surface colors changed when masks were repainted for subsequent performances. As the works reached the West, however, dealers of African art often removed these layers of surface, shaping a different (and arguably false) understanding of African art. More recently, however, the complexity of objects’ surface accumulations have come to be appreciated as bearers of cultural and aesthetic value, displaying layers of color, encrustation, or attachments and thus of artistic and cultural intervention.

Summer Music Series

  • Date(s): 07/02/2016 - 08/27/2016
  • Recurring weekly on Saturday
  • Times: 2 pm-4 pm
  • Location: The Green on Palmer Square
  • Admission: FREE and open to the public
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 Bring your own lawn chairs and picnic blankets.


2- Nassau Brass - Dixieland, Ragtime, Pop, Broadway Showtunes & Americana

9- Gyrl Band - Four Rockin' Singer/Songwriters who are Fun. Energetic, Witty, Talented & Great Performers

16- Richard Reiter Swing Band - NJ's Best Swing!

23- Sun Dog - Contemporary, Classic & Country Rock

30- Strictly 60's - A Musical Journey Through One of the Country's Most Musically Diverse Decades


13- B.D. Lenz - Funky, Highly Melodic and Supremely Groovin' Jazz

20- Kindie (Kid-Indie), Top-10 Best-Selling Kids' Artist According to Billboard Magazine

27- The Alice Project - Intelligent, provocative Rock n' Roll

Princeton Summer Theater Presents "The Owl and the Pussycat"

  • Date(s): 07/07/2016 - 07/30/2016
  • Recurring weekly on Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Times: Thursday-Saturday at 11am
  • Location: Hamilton Murray Theater, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  • Contact:
  • Phone: (732) 997-0205
  • Admission: $12, free for children under 3
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Princeton Summer Theater is proud to present "The Owl and the Pussycat," an adaptation of an Edward Lear poem, written by Annika Bennett, writer of "Eyes Up High in the Redwood Tree" at the Lewis Center for the Arts. "The Owl and the Pussycat" follows an owl and a pussycat who wake up one day lost at sea in a pea­green boat and must figure out how they got there ­ and where might they go next? A joyful celebration of the strange and wonderful logic of nonsense worlds ­ The Owl and the Pussycat is sure to be great fun for all ages. Tickets for the show are $12, free for children under 3. Shows are at 11am Thursday­ Saturday beginning July 7 through July 30. After each performance, actors come out to meet with children, sign their programs, and talk about the characters and the play.

"Art as Activism - Climate Change" Exhibition at D&R Greenway through August 26

  • Date(s): 07/11/2016 - 08/26/2016
  • Recurring every week day
  • Times: 10 - 5 Weekdays
  • Location: D&R Greenway Land Trust, One Preservation Place, off Rosedale Road, Princeton, NJ 08540
  • Contact: Carolyn Edelmann
  • Phone: (609) 924-4646
  • Admission: free but call to be sure galleries not rented at time of prospective visit
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Art as Activism: Climate Change exhibition may be seen at D&R Greenway through August 26. Diana Moore, Curator, selected artists who evoke nature’s wild beauty, vividly documenting planetary effects of climate catastrophes. Multi-media works challenge the individual to undertake personal acts to counter harm to nature in this Anthropocene era. Artists’ Reception: Friday, July 15, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Free, Gallery hours Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. Call to confirm gallery availability before visit: 609-924-4646 Tricia Zimic Art

Kingston Fest

  • Date(s): 07/11/2016 - 08/08/2016
  • Recurring daily
  • Times: 1:00-5:00 p.m.
  • Location: Laurel Avenue at Union Street, Ying Hua International School
  • Admission: Free
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Come out for the Kingston Fest on Sunday, August 7th from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. at the Ying Hua International School! Enjoy fabulous food from Eno Terra, Dolceria Gelato, Gennaro's Cafe & Catering, PIND, United Methodist Church's "Feed Truck" and much more! Enjoy live music, games, crafts, and more! Don't miss the live petting zoo featuring rescue animals that will be up for adoption!

This is a community event organized by the Kingston Business Partnership. This event is free and open to the public!

Click here for more information on the event or the Kingston Business Partnership.  


Princeton Summer Theater Presents "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead"

  • Date(s): 07/14/2016 - 08/06/2016
  • Recurring weekly on Sunday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Times: 8:00pm-10:00pm Thursday-Saturday, 2:00-4:00 Saturday-Sunday
  • Location: Hamilton Murray Theater, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  • Contact:
  • Phone: (732) 997-0205
  • Admission: $24.50-$29.50
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Praised as Tom Stoppard’s modern tragicomic masterpiece, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is a wonderfully inventive behind the scenes look into Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Told through the worm’s­eye view of the once minor characters Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Stoppard’s play takes us to a place where reality and illusion intermix. Join the protagonists on an absurdist tale of musings and misadventures as they discover their inevitable fate.

D&R Greenway Announces Summer Native Plant Sales, Fridays, 3 – 5 pm

  • Date(s): 07/15/2016 - 08/26/2016
  • Recurring weekly on Friday
  • Times: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Location: D&R Greenway’s Native Plant Nursery at the Johnson Education Center, One Preservation Place, Princeton, NJ
  • Contact: Emily Blackman
  • Phone: (609) 924-4646
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Princeton, N.J.— D&R Greenway Land Trust’s Summer Native Plant Sales will be held on Fridays until the end of August from 3 to 5 p.m., at D&R Greenway’s Native Plant Nursery at the Johnson Education Center, One Preservation Place, Princeton. During the Native Plant Sales, D&R Greenway nursery staff will be available to advise on the best choice of plants for gardening projects. Plants from $5 to $15. 609-924-4646 Eco-conscious gardeners know that using native species provides essential food for wildlife and contributes to a healthy and biodiverse ecosystem, all while creating low maintenance plantings. D&R Greenway’s Native Plant Nursery is a community resource for regionally native plants. Native plants are adapted to central New Jersey’s climate, making them more drought-resistant than most exotic plants, and also provide essential food & habitat resources for wildlife. Of particular concern are migratory species that depend on native plants for fuel before and after their long journeys, and for food and nesting materials during breeding season. Current well-known examples include the monarch butterfly and rufa red knot, dependent specifically on the milkweed and the horseshoe crab, respectively, for their survival. Because central New Jersey’s native plants and wildlife evolved together, they are highly adapted to and dependent upon each other. Native plant resources are especially critical for wildlife at energy-intensive times of the year, such as spring and fall migration, and during courtship and breeding. In turn, native plants rely upon wildlife for pollination and seed dispersion. Whereas indigenous plants support diversity and disease-resistance, exotic invasive species form monocultures that outcompete other plants. Replacing them with native species, which co-exist, creates a complex, vibrant ecosystem vital to both plants and animals. “D&R Greenway Land Trust has preserved almost 20,000 acres of land in central New Jersey, with a mission to preserve a network of natural lands and open space accessible to the public, and to inspire a conservation ethic through educational programming, including increasing awareness of the benefits of native species,” says Native Plant Nursery Manager Emily Blackman. “The Nursery provides plants for habitat restoration projects on D&R Greenway managed land, for use by home gardeners, and for native garden projects by schools, municipalities and other conservation non-profits.” D&R Greenway Land Trust’s plants are grown from locally sourced seed and starter plants, and are raised and sold with the skilled assistance of a corps of volunteers. Plants are available in quart, gallon and two-gallon sized pots from $5 to $15. A full catalog is available online at To check species availability, contact Emily Blackman, Nursery Manager, at (609) 924-4646 or *** D&R GREENWAY LAND TRUST IS IN ITS 27TH YEAR of preserving and protecting natural lands, farmlands and open spaces throughout central and southern New Jersey. Through continuous preservation and stewardship -- caring for land and easements to ensure they remain protected and ecologically healthy in perpetuity -- D&R Greenway nurtures a healthier and more diverse environment for people and wild species in seven counties. Accredited by the national Land Trust Accreditation Commission, D&R Greenway’s mission is to preserve and care for land and inspire a conservation ethic, now and for the future. Since its founding in 1989, D&R Greenway has permanently preserved close to 20,000 acres, an area 20 times the size of New York City’s Central Park, including 28 miles of trails open to the public. The Johnson Education Center, a circa 1900 restored barn at One Preservation Place, Princeton, is D&R Greenway’s home. Through programs, art exhibits and related lectures, D&R Greenway inspires greater public commitment to safeguarding land.

Habitat Hunters

  • Date(s): 07/27/2016 - 08/10/2016
  • Recurring weekly on Wednesday
  • Times: 10:00AM – 12:00PM
  • Location: The Watershed Center, Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association, Pennington, NJ
  • Contact: Maryann Polefka
  • Phone: (609) 737-7592
  • Admission: Class fee per child: $12 Members/$18 Non-Members; Series Fee: $30 Members/ $45 Non-Members
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Explore unique habitats all around the Watershed Reserve with Teacher-Naturalist Vicky Allen! Dress for summery weather and outdoor adventure. Wear a hat and bring a refillable water bottle. Register for individual classes or save when you register and pay for an entire 3-class series!

Fairy Festival

  • Date(s): 07/30/2016 - 07/30/2016
  • Times: 10:30AM - 1:30 PM
  • Location: The Watershed Center, Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association, Pennington, NJ
  • Contact: Maryann Polefka
  • Phone: (609) 737-7592
  • Admission: $10 per person (Free under 3)
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Come to the Fairy Festival on the Watershed Reserve! Celebrate with the Rainbow Fairies, Woodland Fairies and Forest Elves…join them in a dance around the maypole, create magical crafts, construct villages along the Fairy Trail and play in the stream with the Water Sprites! Fairy finery and gnome haberdashery is strongly encouraged. Registration requested but not required. Program for families.

Just Peachy Festival

  • Date(s): 07/30/2016 - 07/31/2016
  • Recurring daily
  • Times: 10-5 pm
  • Location: Terhune Orchards
  • Phone: (609) 924-2310
  • Admission: $5.00, age 3 and up
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Summer on the farm means peaches. Enjoy the summer bounty with our harvest festival as we celebrate "everything peachy".

On Saturday, Pam will give her annual Canning and Freezing Class at 10am.

A special feature of this festival is our "Summer Harvest " farm-to-fork tasting section featuring local chefs who will use locally sources ingredients to prepare recipes for visitors to sample. The special tasting section is $12 per person. Event is rain or shine. Check out tastings here

Pony rides, children's games, music and lots of tasty peach treats - peach muffins, peach pie peach tea, peach ice cream. In the farm store, try our peach salsa, peach cobbler! Adults head to the tasting room for our award winning Just Peachy wine and summer peach sangria.

Perfect Peach Pie bake off contest on Sunday 1pm.

Parking is available at Terhune Orchards. Admission to the festival area is $5, age 3 and up. No admission fee to farm store, or winery.

Just Peachy Festival at Terhune Orchards

  • Date(s): 07/30/2016 - 07/31/2016
  • Recurring daily
  • Times: 10am to 5pm
  • Location: Terhune Orchards 330 Cold Soil Road, Princeton, NJ
  • Contact: Farm Store
  • Phone: (609) 924-2310
  • Admission: $5
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Celebrate Jersey Fresh and one of our state's favorite fruits by joining us for our second annual Just Peachy Festival July 30 & 31 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. A special feature of this festival is our "Summer Harvest " farm-to-fork tasting section featuring local chefs who will use locally sources ingredients to prepare recipes for visitors to sample. The tasting area will be open from noon to 4 p.m. both days and admission to the special tasting section is $12 per person. The weekend will be filled with plenty of activities for kids, including a ride through the orchards on our tractor-drawn wagons, pony rides, games and barnyard fun. Bring your appetites for Pam's food tent, filled with lots of tasty peach treats: peach pie, sliced peaches and cream, and peach salsa. Enjoy tasty summer fare like barbecued chicken, hot dogs, homemade gazpacho, salads, apple cider donuts, and cider slushies. Enjoy live local music both days, 12pm-4pm. Make sure to visit our winery tasting room to sample our wines, including our award-winning Just Peachy wine. Pam Mount's popular free canning class will be held during the festival at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 30. Plenty of parking is available at the farm. Admission to the festival area is $5, age 3 and up. No admission fee to farm store or winery. Parking is at the farm. For more information call 609-924-2310 or visit

Levitt AMP Trenton Music Series

  • Date(s): 07/30/2016 - 09/24/2016
  • Recurring weekly on Saturday
  • Times: 7pm
  • Location: The Capital Green in Downtown Trenton
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July 25 - Jimmy Bosch y su Sexteto del Otro Mundo (with Alexander - El Hijo del Pueblo)
•Aug 1 - Elikeh (with Egun Omode)
•Aug 8 - Tomás Doncker Band (with The Blue Method)
•Aug 15 - Low Cut Connie (with Honah Lee)
•Aug 22 - Orrin Evans' Captain Black Big Band
•Aug 29 - Justin Trawick and the Common Good (with The Jesse Elliot Band)
•Sep 5 - NJ Capital Philharmonic's Chamber Ensemble
•Sept 12 - Blondes (w A Love Like Pi)
•Sep 19 - Danielia Cotton (with Chalk and the Beige Americans)
•Sep 26 - The Dean Ween Group ( w Good Graeff and Molly Rhythm)

Moth Mania

  • Date(s): 07/30/2016 - 07/30/2016
  • Times: 8:30PM-10:00PM
  • Location: The Watershed Center, Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association, Pennington, NJ
  • Contact: Maryann Polefka
  • Phone: (609) 737-7592
  • Admission: Members of SBMWA: $10; Non-members: $15
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Begin the evening by learning the differences between butterflies and moths, then venture into the night to ‘meet the moths’. Under the enthusiastic guidance of several moth specialists, we will utilize some ‘moth-ing’ equipment and techniques to discover a fascinating and colorful world hidden by night. Bring a flashlight. Registration required. Program is for Adults and Families (children 6yo+)

Pam's Canning and Freezing Class at Terhune Orchards

  • Date(s): 07/30/2016 - 07/30/2016
  • Times: 10a
  • Location: Terhune Orchards 330 Cold Soil Road, Princeton, NJ
  • Contact: Farm Store
  • Phone: (609) 924-2310
  • Admission: free
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Pam is frequently asked for her advice on freezing and canning the fresh fruit picked at the farm. Learn Pam Mount’s secrets for enjoying summer’s bounty all year long! This free class is offered only once every summer. Please call in advance to reserve your place. The class will be held rain or shine. Terhune Orchards’ own cider and donuts will be served as refreshments. For more information call 609-924-2310 or visit

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